A Belfast-based Food & Lifestyle Blog

(pictured – the titular author, searching for restaurants to sample)

A food blog! In the year 2020!

Having been mainly established as a way of i. fending off lockdown boredom and ii. having an excuse to think about food recipes for longer than is advisable, KeevaEats dot com aims to collect and document all the tasty things being pictured, enjoyed and eaten over on the Keeva Eats Instagram.

More importantly, we’d like to share delicious things we’ve eaten so that you can make them – if you want!! – and enjoy them for yourself. We also aim to share exciting things that are going on locally, and give a shout-out to local businesses doing tasty things.

If that sounds like your brand of tequila, then give us a follow on Instagram and stay tuned to the blog. If you’ve any questions about any recipes/the site/anything in general, then get in touch!